Server Rules and Info

Server Rules and Information.

How to Join

The server is currently in a closed list requiring whitelisting.  At this time we’re not currently accepting new members however when we do (and we will be soon) we will post an announcement on this site.

Oil Rig

Oil Rig

Server Rules

These rules should be pretty self explanatory however just in case, I’ve explained them below.

  1. Don’t be a dick. No, seriously. Don’t be a dick.  Being a dick can be anything minor from issuing many TPA requests to something more serious like filling another player’s house with sand.  General rule is if you wouldn’t want someone to do it to you, don’t do it to them.
  2. No Looting Structures. Many players (myself included) have invested countless man-hours into building various structures and minecart lines. We would appreciate them being left alone.  In the case of the minecart lines, you are welcome to use them, but don’t steal the rails or building equipment, please.
  3. Mines are always public. Due to the nature of the current generation of map generator, mines snake all over and around the entirety of the map. It is not possible to allocate a single mine which could cover several chunks to only one player. It’s just feasibly not possible to say that a mine belongs to one specific player.
  4. No Griefing. Period.  You will be banned and reported to mcbans if you are in violation.  We came to play, build, and mine, not to defend ourselves from other players.
  5. If a site is marked “PRIVATE”, do not enter unless invited.There are several people that have quite large installations built. Sometimes they will show them off, but some of their buildings may be private.  So, just like at someone’s real house, DO NOT ENTER unless invited!
  6. Do not tear up the minecart lines! I put in over a week of hours plotting and building the minecart lines. Please don’t disrespect my hard work (no, I did not use WorldEdit) and tear up the lines.  I built them for all of us to use to reach parts of the map that would take forever to reach by foot and would appreciate that they stay operational.
  7. Do not mine other player’s buildings. Along with the whole “Don’t be a dick” thing, if you didn’t build it, don’t tear it down.  It’s considered rude and is subject to banning.
  8. Respect other players and your admins! This should be self-explanatory, but just in case, I’ll explain it here. Don’t be rude to your fellow players OR to your admins.  (Definitely don’t want to upset the admins, they have the banhammer).
  9. No PVP. Kill creepers, not players. Kill the bad guys, not the other players. PVP is disabled on this server, but still falls with the “Don’t be a dick” philosophy.
  10. Don’t be a dick. (See rule #1)
  11. This is a survival map. Carry weapons. This server is a survuval server, You will want to make sure to carry weapons and food when it gets dark outside. There are monsters in the woods and in the Nether so be sure to arm yourself.
  12. Always lock your private chests. One of the plugins on this server is “Securechests” and you can use it to lock and unlock your chests against unauthorized access.  You can also add other players too in the event you’re making a shared chest.  Check out the Command Syntax further down.

These rules aren’t meant to be oppressive, and certainly will not be enforced in any 1984-esque way however they are designed to be pretty much common sense.  I don’t want to have to ban someone, however if someone proves to be a nuisance, you will be banned.

Ardeth_Bay's Tower

Ardeth_Bay’s Tower

Command Reference

Most of the commands accept parameters demonstrated below.  A parameter has
[text] = Required argument
{text} = Optional Argument

  • /back – Use this to teleport to where you last died.
  • /home {location} – Teleports you to your home location (or to {location}).  If you have multiple home locations, you’ll get a list of homes defined.
  • /sethome {location} – Sets your home destination (or an alternate {location}).
  • /delhome {location} – Deletes your home destination (or an alternate {location}).
  • /spawn – Teleports you to spawn.
  • /tpa [player] – Ask [player] if you can teleport to them.
  • /tpaccept {player} – Accept a tpa request (from {player}).
  • /tpdeny {player} – Deny a tpa request (from {player}).
  • /getpos – Returns your X, Y, Z coordinates of your location.
  • /help {command} – Help page for command.
  • /list - Lists active players

Securechests Commands

Securechests commands are run in chat, then will prompt you to interact with a lock.  A locking block can be a door, chest, trapdoor, or fence gate.

  • /sc or /securechests – help menu
  • /sc lock or /lock – lock your chests
  • /sc unlock or /unlock – unlock your chests
  • /sc info – view info on own locks
  • /sc add username – add a user to chest access list
  • /sc remove username – remove a user from both chest allow/deny lists