Big changes are coming

After the successful deployment of Mineberry and the overall age of the map, I’ve decided to go ahead and refactor the server.  What this means for you is that the old map is going away and will be replaced with all new maps.

Using BungeeCord, a Minecraft proxy system, we will introduce two maps on relaunch that will allow us to have two different worlds.  One world will be the standard Survival map offering the expected Survival game mechanic.  The other world will be creative mode for all, allowing anyone that is on the whitelist to join in and build some really epic stuff.

Both worlds’ spawnpoints will be a protected building that contains a way to jump back to the main hub to switch worlds at-will.  Please keep in mind that player inventories are separate between the two worlds so you can’t spawn a stack of diamonds in the Creative world and then jump to the Survival world with the diamonds.

From either world, if you want to get back to the spawn point, all you have to do is issue the command /spawn to teleport to that world’s spawn point.

User capabilities and commands are listed below:

  • Users can set up to a maximum of 5 “homes”. accessible by issuing the /home {homename} command.
  • New users will get a starter kit issued to them on their first successful join. This starter kit makes it easy to get started in Minecraft and contains some essential gear so you can start exploring right away. Kit contents are to be determined.
  • Users can issue the /tpa command to ask to teleport to another user’s location.  /tpa requests can be accepted with /tpaccept or denied with /tpdeny.  Teleports have a 5 minute cooldown after teleport.
  • Both worlds offer anti-griefing rollback protection through Prism.

I will provide more details as soon as we are close to launching the new configuration so stay tuned!

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