Holy crap, what a month!

This month has been quite rough on the server, but I’m happy to say that we’re back up and running and better than ever.   There have been a lot of changes recently that you may want to take a look at.

  • Server Migration – Due to Internet connectivity issues at the house, the server was moved from a home hosted server to a remote server hosted in a proper datacenter.  The map was moved to the new server and has been working great.
  • Anti-griefing plugins – After doing some significant research into anti-griefing tools and commands, I have started using Prism to perform logging on block placement and destruction as well as provide rollback functionality in the event of griefing.
  • Things that go boom – To prevent creeper damage to the rail lines, creeper explosions are constrained to only player damage.  This has the added bonus of not leaving divots (potholes) where people have unsuccessfully done battle with creepers and is another measure to protect player built structures.
  • Mineberry – If you’ve traveled on the south line, I’m sure you’ve seen Mineberry.  It’s a free-build project to build a proper city in Minecraft.  Our very own Ardeth_Bay has been quite busy building several buildings and putting an impressive shipping terminal next to the city.  Come check it out, claim a plot and start building!
  • Map Service – The Map service has been migrated and was updated only a few minutes ago.  It’s still a manual process for now, however very soon, we’ll get it fully operational and automatically updating soon.  You can access the Overviewer (a Google Maps style map browser with zoom) at http://www.theratshack.net/map.  Can you see your house from there?
  • Points of Interest – It’s been a while since I’ve updated the points of interest (POIs) on the map so it’s time to solicit for more POIs.  I’ll need you to take a screenshot in debug mode (F3) so I can capture the coordinates.  Also include the POI type (Home, Structure, Mine) and a brief description.  If you find a village that doesn’t have a POI on it, let me know the coordinates so I can add it in as well!  Send all POI requests to the Theratshack.net Minecraft Server facebook page and I’ll get them added in.
  • Moar Users! – We are still looking for new user registrations to add to the server.  Do you or someone you know want to play on our server? Do you like to build and explore? We have four open slots for users currently. Send me a message on the server facebook page and I’ll add you to the whitelist. Be sure you read the Rules first!  Please note: You must have a valid In-Game Name.

Other news in the world of Minecraft

  • Rei’s Minimap has been updated to 1.6.2 – This is an absoloute must-have on large server maps or if you get lost really easy. Older versions are available as well for 1.5.2 (current server version).  You will need to use a utility like mcpatcher to integrate the minimap into your Minecraft .jar file.

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